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Fuse Assortment Blade 35 Pieces

Fuse Assortment Blade 35 Pieces

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Blade-Type Fuse Assortment -

Contains 35 pieces (5 of 5 amp, 5 of 7.5 amp, 5 of 10 amp, 5 of 15 amp, 5 of 20 amp, 5 of 25 amp, 5 of 30 amp)


NOTE: Smaller items like this will usually be sent from my location USPS Priority for around $7.95 to $9.95 lower 48 states.  So, disregard Suggested Shipping Charges on your on-line order.  Price reduction will be made on qualifying orders before Credit Card is Processed.  -  Thank you, Rick 330.466.2164 


NOTE: Items throughout Rick's Ag Parts are priced "Per Each" unless noted


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